SELMER Baritone Saxophone Neck Serie 3

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Discover the neck for Selmer Series III baritone saxophone, designed with precision to offer optimal response, powerful projection, and balanced tone in all nuances. Let yourself be inspired by the craftsmanship and exceptional performance of this neck.

The design of the neck for the Series III baritone saxophone incorporates a maillechort ring welded above the tenon, as well as a wire-type reinforcement. These structural elements enhance the stability and durability of the neck, ensuring perfect acoustic integrity and optimal instrument response. The maillechort ring reinforces the vibrations and contributes to better sound projection, while the wire-type reinforcement adds additional resistance for increased longevity.

Made in France, within the SELMER workshops, this neck embodies the excellence of French craftsmanship and tradition in musical instruments. SELMER's expertise and know-how are recognized worldwide, guaranteeing impeccable manufacturing quality and meticulous finishes. Musicians can therefore trust in the performance and durability of the neck.

The neck for the Series III baritone saxophone is suitable for all musical aesthetics. Regardless of your playing style, this neck will allow you to express your musicality optimally. Moreover, it is available in several finishes to meet individual preferences. You can choose between the lacquered finish, which highlights the natural beauty of brass, the silver-plated finish for an elegant and shiny appearance, the gold-plated finish for a luxurious look, or the solid silver finish for those who appreciate precious materials. These different finishing options allow musicians to personalize their instrument according to their style and visual preferences.