SELMER Signature Bb Clarinet

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The SELMER Signature Bb Clarinet is a true masterpiece of French craftsmanship. Its warm, rich, and rounded tone is achieved through a meticulous selection of superior quality ebony wood, a hallmark of the Selmer brand.

The SELMER Signature Clarinet is an exceptional instrument that stands out for its unique and incomparable timbre. With perfectly balanced intonation across the entire instrument, this clarinet offers a broad dynamic range that allows for subtle interplay between softness and power.

Crafted in France, the Signature features a 14.50 mm bore that allows for a focused and easy emission across all registers, providing a very good level of control. This clarinet comes with two barrels, 65 mm and 63 mm, allowing for better adaptability according to the musician's preferences.

The standard Boehm system, with its 17 keys and 6 rings, includes a left-hand Eb lever that facilitates pianissimo playing and a powerful fortissimo without saturation, while maintaining perfect homogeneity of color. In addition, the raised keys offer exceptional fingering comfort, allowing for smoother playability.

The Signature Clarinet boasts a body, barrels, and bell made of natural ebony, which provides a warm and rich tone, full of roundness. However, it is important to note that ebony can sometimes be fragile, requiring careful attention and regular maintenance.

The silver-plated nickel silver keywork, male and female tenons reinforced with a metal sleeve, white leather pads, and stainless steel needle springs make this clarinet a true gem of French craftsmanship.

In summary, the SELMER Signature Clarinet is an instrument of exceptional quality, offering a unique and incomparable sound, as well as optimal playing comfort. Discover it now and be charmed by its warm tone and perfectly balanced accuracy.