BG Pad Dryer

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The pad dryers quickly absorb moisture under the pads, thus replacing cigarette paper. Economical and reusable, the high-absorbency microfiber leaves no residue, does not lint, and is washable.

The pad dryer is a very useful accessory for flutes, clarinets, bassoons, and oboes. Like for the saxophone, regular use of a pad dryer can help prevent the formation of mold and bacteria in the instrument by absorbing the moisture that can accumulate in the pads.

The microfiber pad dryer is very absorbent and can be machine washed, making it very convenient to use. It is also very economical, as it can be reused more than 1000 times and has a lifespan of about 5 years.

The advantage of a microfiber pad dryer is that it is resilient and durable, allowing it to be used for many years without having to replace it frequently. By regularly using a pad dryer, you can extend the life of your musical instrument and maintain its pads in good condition, which can help improve the quality of your sound and your playing experience.