SCHAGERL Mnozil Brass Bb Trumpet

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The SCHAGERL Mnozil Brass is a Jazz model created in partnership with the renowned group Mnozil Brass. Offering remarkable sound power and a captivating dark timbre, this trumpet is the ideal choice for physical musicians. Its technical design and craftsmanship make it a quality instrument.

The SCHAGERL Mnozil Brass Bb Trumpet is a true revelation in the brass world. Designed in collaboration with the legendary brass ensemble Mnozil Brass, this trumpet delivers an exceptional playing experience. With ease and power worthy of Thomas Gansch's performances, this trumpet pushes the limits of what is possible.

The balance of the SCHAGERL Mnozil Brass trumpet is simply fantastic. Thanks to the combination of the rose brass bell and double leadpipe, this trumpet produces a voluminous and dark sound. The heavy Monel pistons offer optimal responsiveness and precision, while the yellow brass slides with nickel-plated interiors ensure smooth operation.

Manufactured in Taiwan with meticulous attention, this trumpet features a 0.459-inch bore, promoting easy response and impeccable intonation. The 5-inch rose brass bell contributes to the richness and warmth of the tone, offering an enchanting sound in all registers. The rose brass tuning slide allows for precise and stable adjustments.

The major advantage of the SCHAGERL Mnozil Brass trumpet is its adaptability. Whether you are a beginner musician, an advanced student, or an experienced amateur, this trumpet will meet your expectations. Its round, mellow, and warm sound is perfect for solo jazz or small ensemble music. The instrument has been meticulously balanced to ensure optimal playability.

The included Schagerl Superior Deluxe case is both elegant and functional. It provides optimal protection and makes transporting the instrument easy.

However, it is important to note that the trumpet's finish may require regular maintenance to maintain its aesthetic quality. Additionally, due to its orientation towards a round and warm sound, some musicians might feel a slight lack of projection in outdoor performances or large ensembles.