EASTMAN ETB-310 Bb Tenor Trombone

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The EASTMAN ETB-310 Bb Tenor Trombone is an essential choice for musicians seeking a high-quality instrument at an entry-level price. Its excellent construction guarantees optimal performance. Discover the best choice in our catalog and be charmed by its exceptional technical features.

The EASTMAN ETB-310 Bb Tenor Trombone offers an exceptional value for money with quality craftsmanship worthy of the SHIRES brand reputation. Manufactured in the Eastman factory in Taiwan, this instrument features a yellow brass body and nickel silver slides with a chrome-plated interior.

With a bell diameter of 8.07 inches (205 mm) and a bore size of 0.5 inches (12.7 mm), the ETB-310 trombone offers a surprising finish for its range, with a varnish in a beautiful orange hue. Its easy sound production makes it an ideal choice for young beginner musicians.

However, it is important to note that the durability of the ETB-310 trombone could be improved. Despite this, it remains a top choice for budding musicians looking for an affordable and quality instrument to start their learning journey.

Whether you are a passionate young musician or a parent concerned about your child's musical initiation, the EASTMAN ETB-310 Bb Tenor Trombone will meet your expectations. Its free play, meticulous finish, and excellent sound production make it a reliable instrument for the first steps in learning the trombone. Trust the Eastman brand and discover the joy of playing this versatile and accessible instrument.