ALTUS 800 Serie Alto Flute

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The ALTUS 800 Series Alto Flute, with its solid 925‰ silver lip plate and riser, offers beautiful balance and a wide range of sounds. Its meticulous design guarantees precise response and great musical expressiveness.

The ALTUS 800 Series Alto Flute is a range of well-balanced instruments offering a varied sound palette. Available in straight or curved headjoint versions, it provides customized comfort to every musician.

Made in Japan, this alto flute is crafted from high-quality silver-plated nickel silver, entirely handmade. The combination of the solid 925‰ silver lip plate and riser ensures a rich and expressive sound.

The design of this alto flute allows for quick response and uniform playability, regardless of the playing register. The intonation is excellent, offering great precision in note articulation. The strength of the artisanal construction is reflected in the richness of the sound and expressive possibilities.

The drawn tone holes and the special soldering of the C# tone hole contribute to improved sound projection and better instrument resonance. The stainless steel springs ensure precise and reliable key action.

The advantages of the ALTUS 800 Series Alto Flute lie in its efficient mechanism, offering very good value for money. The instrument's sound is full and straight, allowing the musician to express themselves with clarity and expressiveness. The design of the flute's headjoint guarantees precise and clean attacks.

However, it is important to note that the manufacturing quality of this flute is below that of the major Japanese artisan brands. Despite its solid performances, ALTUS still needs to develop its reputation and consolidate its brand image to compete with market benchmarks.