YAMAHA YBS 82 Baritone Saxophone

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Discover the YAMAHA YBS 82 Baritone Saxophone, the essential instrument for professional musicians. With its exceptional craftsmanship and rich timbre, this saxophone offers a unique musical experience.

The YAMAHA YBS-82 Baritone Saxophone is a high-end instrument designed to deliver an exceptional musical experience for both professional and amateur musicians. It's versatile and can adapt to various musical genres thanks to its E-flat tonality and lighter, more ergonomic keywork.

Made in Japan with premium materials, the YBS-82 is composed of yellow brass with an acoustic treatment for improved sound quality. It comes in two versions, with or without a high F# key, to cater to the needs and preferences of every musician.

The instrument is adorned with natural mother-of-pearl (cultured pearls) for an elegant and sophisticated design. The one-piece bell, with a short design, provides a more consistent and rich sound across all registers, while the new "campsis chinensis" hand engraving adds a unique artistic touch.

The key supports are soldered onto plates designed to bring the desired resistance and sound color for the YBS-82 Custom. The location of the ring for the neck strap has been revised for better weight distribution, and the design and conception of the peg attachment soldered to the bow bring roundness and substance, with or without the use of the peg. The peg is also included with the 82, detachable and adjustable to fit each musician's physique.

Lastly, the YBS-82 comes with a hard case with wheels for easy and secure transportation. It also includes a Custom C1 neck offering a quick response, precise phrasing, and a well-defined and versatile sound.

In summary, the YAMAHA YBS-82 Baritone Saxophone is a top choice for demanding musicians seeking quality and performance for their musical practice. With its exceptional craftsmanship, elegant design, and advanced technical features, the YBS-82 is a sure choice for a unique and unforgettable musical experience.