YAMAHA YTR 2330 Bb Trumpet

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Ideal beginner trumpet with exceptional tuning and quality. Easy and reliable playing experience.

The YAMAHA YTR-2330 is the ideal choice for beginner trumpet players. Designed to be lightweight and easy to play, it delivers a beautiful sound and perfect intonation. The two-piece yellow brass bell offers a wide range of tonal colors, promoting technical development and endurance. The monel alloy pistons ensure smooth, fast action with minimal maintenance.

The new pistons, buttons, and caps are crafted from a "monel" alloy and benefit from Yamaha's "Super Lapping Technology." Along with slightly heavier buttons and caps, they provide a rich sound and easy grip for young musicians. The main and tuning slides are made to the same standards as Yamaha's professional models, ensuring better stability, smooth action, and a refined, rich tone.

Manufactured in China, the YTR-2330 features a main tuning slide without a brace, perfectly balanced bell weight, monel alloy pistons, new piston caps and buttons, and an adjustable third valve slide ring. The ML bore of 0.459 inches (11.65 mm) and the TR11B4 mouthpiece complete its technical features. The included case is the TRC-100EII, a practical black backpack-style case offering minimal protection.