SCHAGERL Hans Gansch Cornet

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The SCHAGERL Hans Gansch Cornet, designed in collaboration with Master Hans Gansch himself, offers impressive sound volume, making it the ideal instrument for Brass Band performances. Its meticulous design and acoustic expertise allow for a powerful and vibrant sound.

The SCHAGERL Hans Gansch Cornet is a superior quality instrument, precisely crafted in Taiwan. Equipped with an 11.68 mm (0.46 inches) gold brass bore and a gold brass bell, it offers an elegant aesthetic and exceptional sound. The two standard triggers provide optimal control of the instrument, while the removable yellow brass slides offer great playing flexibility.

The fixed nickel silver tubes ensure durability and optimal resonance. The lacquered finish adds a final touch of quality to this instrument.

The construction of the SCHAGERL Hans Gansch Cornet is remarkable, with particular attention paid to detail and a polished finish. Its ease of play is impressive, offering musicians great flexibility and exceptional responsiveness. The notes articulate smoothly and precisely, allowing for expressive musical interpretation.

The tone of the SCHAGERL Hans Gansch Cornet is soft, round, and warm, making it an ideal choice for brass band musicians. Its warm timbre blends perfectly with the orchestra, creating a balanced musical harmony.

In terms of projection, the SCHAGERL Hans Gansch Cornet offers satisfactory performance, although it does not particularly stand out in this area. However, its real strength lies in its adaptation to the brass band repertoire, where it excels and brings a distinctive sound.

Whether for professional musicians or passionate brass band enthusiasts, the SCHAGERL Hans Gansch Cornet offers a pleasant and rewarding playing experience. Its excellent construction, ease of play, and characteristic sound make it a trusted choice for brass ensemble performances and brass band concerts.

Note, however, that this cornet is more specifically adapted to the brass band repertoire and may not suit all musical styles. It is designed to offer the best performances in a brass band context, where its unique sound can fully flourish.