DI ZHAO 301 RE Flute

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The DI ZHAO 301 RE Flute, a refined instrument for discerning enthusiasts. Warm tonality, precise mechanism: a musical experience combining finesse and technicality.

The Di ZHAO 301 Flute is an exceptional student model. Made in Taiwan, this flute offers impeccable craftsmanship and advanced technical features for music students.

The 925‰ solid silver core of the Di ZHAO 301 gives it a remarkable tonality. This feature is typically reserved for flutes with a solid silver headjoint, but Di ZHAO offers a more affordable alternative without sacrificing sound quality. Students will appreciate the richness and warmth of the sound produced by this flute.

The flute's mechanism is also thoughtfully designed. With a split E mechanism and an offset Y keywork, the Di ZHAO 301 provides precise response and enhanced playability. Students can approach various techniques and more complex passages with confidence.

As an introductory student flute, the Di ZHAO 301 is specially designed for beginner students. Its affordable price makes it an ideal choice for students taking their first steps in flute learning. This flute is often recommended by music teachers for its quality and reliability.