SCHILKE 1041 FL Flugelhorn

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The SCHILKE 1041 FL Flugelhorn is a technically captivating instrument. Its red brass bell delivers an exceptionally rich sound with brilliant harmonics and enveloping warmth. It comes with two mouthpiece receivers, offering optimal versatility and adaptability for exploring a wide range of musical expressions.

Crafted with precision in the United States, the SCHILKE 1041 FL Flugelhorn is truly an exceptional instrument. Its technical design and unique features make it an ideal choice for discerning musicians.

With a bore size of 10.31 mm, the 1041 FL provides quick and precise response, allowing for great agility in performance. The hand-hammered, one-piece red brass bell not only gives the flugelhorn a distinctive aesthetic but also contributes to its exceptional sound.

The red brass bell produces remarkable tonal richness, with deep resonance and captivating warmth. Harmonics unfold fully, allowing the musician to explore an extended and expressive tonal palette.

One of the distinctive features of the SCHILKE 1041 FL is the inclusion of two mouthpiece receivers. This feature allows musicians to choose the configuration that best suits their preferences and playing style. Whether you prefer an American or French mouthpiece, you will find the one that complements your technique and sound.

SCHILKE's craftsmanship is impeccable, and the 1041 FL is no exception. Every detail is carefully executed to ensure flawless finish and long-term durability. This instrument is designed to meet the demands of professional musicians, offering superior playability and instant response.

Whether you are a jazz soloist or an orchestral musician, the SCHILKE 1041 FL Flugelhorn will captivate you with its enchanting sound, technical precision, and versatility.