RATH R4F Bb/F Tenor Trombone

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The RATH R4F Bb/F Tenor Trombone, a favored choice among orchestral and Brass Band musicians. Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, it offers custom options upon request. Immerse yourself in a unique musical experience, blending refined tone, smooth playability, and unmatched versatility.

Michael Rath's customizable bells offer a wide range of tonal characteristics, with each material providing variety and sonic flexibility. They are available in yellow brass (70% copper, 30% zinc), rose brass (85% copper, 15% zinc), red brass (90% copper, 10% zinc), and nickel silver.

The higher the copper content, the darker and warmer the sound: a yellow brass bell will sound brighter and more vibrant compared to gold and red brass bells, with tonal consistency. Nickel silver bells tend to produce an extremely clear sound without becoming overly bright.

Michael Rath slides are available in three different materials for the outer slide : yellow brass, bronze, and nickel silver. A nickel silver slide allows for a more articulate and brighter sound compared to yellow brass or bronze, and it can also provide a sense of freedom with certain component combinations. A bronze slide typically has a darker sound and a more centered feel. Bronze can be an excellent choice, especially for R4 models, for musicians seeking a dark symphonic sound. Yellow brass slides fall between nickel silver and bronze in terms of tonal characteristics and feel.

Michael Rath tuning slides feature nickel silver tubes and incorporate the interchangeable bell system. The connection between the slide and bell section has a unique and Rath-specific locking mechanism.

Michael Rath tuning slides are available in four different materials : yellow brass, gold brass, red brass, and nickel silver. They are all designed with a double tube.

Yellow brass and nickel silver tuning slides offer clearer articulation than rose or red brass tuning slides and may provide a slightly more open feel. Rose and red brass tuning slides, on the other hand, generally pair better with yellow brass bells.