COURTOIS AC422 Creation Paris Bb/F Tenor Trombone

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The COURTOIS AC422 Creation Paris Trombone embodies innovation with its ICON valve, larger and thinner, providing smooth and easy airflow. This technical advancement guarantees an exceptional playing experience for demanding musicians.

The COURTOIS AC422 Creation Paris Bb/F Tenor Trombone offers an elegant and rich sound, paired with powerful and effortless projection. Boasting a strong personality, this instrument is versatile, ideal for solo performances, chamber music, and symphonic ensembles.

A major feature of the AC422 trombone is its ICON valve, distinguished by its extreme lightness and revolutionary dimensions. With a larger diameter than traditional cylinders and reduced thickness, this valve allows for the creation of perfectly round internal passages, avoiding the ovalization found in other systems.

These technical innovations result in optimal resonance, ease of play, and perfect homogeneity between open notes and those using the valve. Musicians will appreciate the instrument's precision and responsiveness, as well as its ability to produce a wide range of sound nuances.

The AC422 trombone features a bore size of 0.547 inches (13.89 mm), offering quick and precise response. Its bell of 8.46 inches (215 mm) contributes to sound projection and clarity of harmonics. The open circuit of the ICON valve allows for better air circulation, thus enhancing resonance and smooth note articulation.

The lacquered finish gives the trombone an elegant aesthetic look and protection against the elements. Additionally, the lightweight slide facilitates rapid and precise movements, offering great dexterity to musicians.