RATH R9 Bass Trombone

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The RATH R9 Bass Trombone is an essential reference for professionals and concert artists. With its impressive sound quality and reputation in the symphonic and brass band fields, this superb instrument offers an exceptional musical experience.

The RATH R9 Bass Trombone is an internationally renowned instrument, particularly appreciated in English brass bands. Its superb craftsmanship and remarkable finish make it a preferred choice for demanding musicians.

Made in England, the RATH R9 Bass Trombone is the result of exceptional expertise. Its 254 mm (10 inch) rose brass bell offers powerful sound projection and unparalleled tonal richness. The quality of its material gives the trombone a warm and deep sound, ideal for symphonic performances and brass bands.

This trombone is equipped with two independent Hagmann valves, offering remarkable flexibility and precision in play. Hagmann valves are known for their smoothness and uniform response, allowing musicians to express themselves with great ease and expressivity.

With a bore size of 14.27 mm (0.562 inch), the RATH R9 Bass Trombone offers exceptional intonation and ease of play. The combination of its bore and Hagmann valves allows for total control of the instrument, offering musicians great artistic expression freedom.

Beyond its advanced technical features, the RATH R9 Bass Trombone also stands out for its elegant aesthetics. Its remarkable finish reflects the attention to the smallest details during its manufacturing, making it a true work of art.

Whether for symphonic performances, studio recordings, or concerts with brass bands, the RATH R9 Bass Trombone is the instrument of choice for professionals. Its reputation for excellence and exceptional sound quality make it a sound investment for the most demanding musicians.