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The EASTMAN USA EBF 866 G F Tuba, a modern instrument crafted using traditional methods, offers remarkable fluidity in its lower register. With its 4/4 size, this tuba blends the authenticity of the old with the perfection of the present. Enjoy exceptional sound quality and explore new musical possibilities with the EASTMAN USA EBF 866 G F Tuba. An unparalleled playing experience for demanding musicians.

The EASTMAN USA EBF 866 G F Tuba is a high-quality instrument, precisely manufactured in the USA. Designed for demanding musicians, this 4/4 size tuba offers exceptional technical features.

The conical bore of this tuba measures 0.665 inches (16.90 mm) at the leadpipe and gradually widens to 0.819 inches (20.8 mm). This design allows for a quick and precise response, as well as optimal sound projection. Whether playing solo or in a group, the EASTMAN USA EBF 866 G F Tuba offers an uncompromising playing experience.

The 16.5-inch (420 mm) bell made of rose brass also contributes to the exceptional sound quality of this instrument. Rose brass is known for its warm and rich sound, offering powerful sound projection and great musical expressiveness. This allows you to bring your performances to life with a wide range of nuances and emotions.

This tuba is equipped with 6 rotors, with 4 rotors located on the right side of the instrument and 2 on the left. This ergonomic layout allows for easy and precise manipulation of different notes, offering great flexibility in musical interpretation. Whether playing fast passages or complex melodies, the EASTMAN USA EBF 866 G F Tuba will meet all your expectations.

Regarding the finish, you can choose between a high-quality lacquered or silver-plated finish. The lacquered finish offers additional protection to the instrument while preserving its natural aesthetic. As for the silver-plated finish, it is done with a 15-micron thick silver plating, ensuring exceptional durability and remarkable visual brilliance.