COURTOIS Legend Hagmann 550 Bass Trombone

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The COURTOIS Legend Hagmann 550 Bass Trombone offers a wide range of sound palettes, allowing musicians to explore an expressive and nuanced range. Its smooth and precise play meets the demands of the greatest artists, providing an exceptional musical experience. With its high-level performance, this bass trombone is an essential choice.

With its wide range of sounds and smooth, precise play, the Antoine Courtois Legend AC550 bass trombone offers an unparalleled musical experience.

This bass trombone is equipped with two Hagmann valves, providing access to the circuits of F and G♭, as well as the D tone when combining both valves. Its detachable yellow brass bell, made from a single piece hand-hammered, contributes to its warm and deep timbre.

Manufactured in Germany with meticulous attention to detail, the Courtois Legend AC550 combines power and elegance. Its ergonomic slide system offers comfortable and precise play, allowing musicians to fully express their talent.

With a bore of 0.562 inches (14.28 mm) and a bell of 9.53 inches (242 mm) in yellow brass, this bass trombone produces rich and nuanced sounds. The yellow brass slide ensures optimal fluidity and a quick response, allowing musicians to play with ease.

The varnished finish protects the instrument while giving it an attractive aesthetic. The Antoine Courtois Legend AC550 Bass Trombone is an ideal choice for soloists, orchestral musicians, and symphonic music enthusiasts.

Whether you are looking for a deep and expressive sound or exceptional versatility, the Antoine Courtois Legend AC550 Bass Trombone will meet all your expectations. With its quality craftsmanship and exceptional performance, this instrument will accompany you throughout your musical journey.