GETZEN Capri 595 Flugelhorn

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The GETZEN Capri 595 Flugelhorn is designed for flugelhorn enthusiasts who appreciate the trumpet-like form. With its powerful sound projection, it offers unparalleled freedom of play. Its unique design and quality construction make it an ideal choice for musicians seeking a high-performance flugelhorn.

The GETZEN Capri 595 Flugelhorn is a superior quality instrument made in the USA.

Featuring an 11.68 mm (0.46 inch) bore and nickel-plated slides, it offers excellent play precision and optimal response.

Its American-style leadpipe allows for exceptional sound projection, while its 165 mm (6.5 inch) bell ensures a rich and balanced tone.

Thanks to the trigger on the first slide and the adjustable ring on the third slide, this flugelhorn allows for great flexibility and adaptability to the musician's playing style.

Its lacquer finish gives it an elegant and durable appearance.

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional musician, the GETZEN Capri 595 Flugelhorn is an ideal choice for expressing your musical talent. Its meticulous design and high-level technical features make it a benchmark instrument in the field of flugelhorns.

Enjoy an exceptional playing experience and a powerful, expressive sound with the Capri Flugelhorn. Its build quality and performance make it a lasting investment for demanding musicians. Whether for solo performances, group playing, or orchestral use, this flugelhorn offers great versatility and exceptional sound.