SANKYO 10K ST Headjoint B Foot Flute

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The SANKYO 10K Flute, with ST Headjoint and B Footjoint, is a prestigious artisanal masterpiece cherished by enthusiasts, artists, and professionals. Made of 10-carat gold with a 925% solid silver mechanism and 10-carat gold springs, it offers a versatile and exceptional tonality.

The SANKYO 10K Flute with ST Headjoint and B Footjoint, a gem of Japanese craftsmanship, awakens the senses and pushes the boundaries of musical expression. Like a ray of light passing through a golden case, its solid 10K gold tube (with a thickness of 0.33 mm) creates a light tonality, of captivating purity and sublime versatility.

The solid silver keywork, crafted by skilled goldsmiths, harmonizes perfectly with the NEL system, creating a mechanism of extreme precision. The 10K white gold springs provide an unmatched fluid response. The mechanism reveals unparalleled agility, illuminating the most virtuosic passages.

The B Footjoint extends the instrument's range to unexplored horizons, unveiling unsuspected nuances. The offset keywork reveals perfect ergonomics, freeing the artist from physical constraints, allowing them to focus fully on expressing their art.

Within it, a magnetic ST headjoint, like an enchanted fountain, reveals enchanting sound colors, projecting the music to unimaginable heights. The fusion between 10K gold and solid silver creates a sonic alchemy of rare beauty, enveloping each note with intoxicating warmth and unparalleled elegance.

The SANKYO 10K Flute with ST Headjoint and B Footjoint is more than just an instrument; it's an invitation to transcend the boundaries of musical expression. Whether you're an enthusiast, an artist seeking the absolute, or a demanding professional, let yourself be carried away by this gem, which will make every note a twinkling star in the firmament of your art. Dare to dream, dare to vibrate, dare to explore musical worlds where magic and excellence come together to offer you an unforgettable experience.