HAYNES Hand Made Custom Silver/Gold Flute

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The HAYNES Hand Made Custom Silver Flute is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. With its rich tonality, impeccable mechanism, and outstanding finish, it will captivate discerning musicians.

The Haynes Custom Silver/Gold flute embodies elegance and refinement. Featuring a hand-cut headjoint made of silver and gold (5% gold and 95% silver), it delivers exceptional sound and precise response.

The flute's body is also crafted from a silver and gold alloy (5% gold and 95% silver), adding warmth and depth to its sound. The sterling silver mechanism ensures smooth and reliable action.

The Haynes Custom Silver/Gold flute is equipped with a pinless Haynes mechanism, eliminating traditional pins and providing enhanced resonance. The tone holes are drawn, ensuring consistent response.

This flute offers optimal playability and projection. The silver rings and ribs contribute to the instrument's durability and strength.

Gold springs provide perfect tension for quick and accurate response.

Straubinger pads ensure perfect sealing and consistent response across all registers. The choice between 0.016" or 0.018" tubing allows musicians to customize their sound.

The Haynes Custom Silver/Gold flute is tuned to the modern Haynes scale, ensuring impeccable pitch and intonation. The B footjoint extends the lower register, adding versatility to the instrument.

Each Haynes Custom Silver/Gold flute is entirely handcrafted in the USA, blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. This flute epitomizes excellence and passion for music, offering musicians an unparalleled playing experience.