SANKYO CF 501 ER Flute

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The SANKYO CF 501 Flute is a gem for demanding musicians. Solid silver head, tube, and body. Dynamic and broad attacks. A musical marvel, the top choice in the range.

The SANKYO CF-501 Flute boasts full professional specifications, making it perfectly suited for concert hall performances as the preferred instrument for top-tier artists.

Handcrafted entirely in Japan, this flute is composed exclusively of 925‰ solid silver for the head, tubes, and keys, ensuring exceptional sound quality and durability. The tone holes are precisely drawn, providing a smooth response and optimal accuracy. The keywork adopts the "French-style" with pointed arms, adding an elegant aesthetic and comfortable ergonomics to the instrument.

The tubes of the CF-501 have a thickness of 0.38 mm, meticulously designed to allow maximum resonance and powerful sound projection. This design contributes to creating a balanced and expressive sound, allowing musicians to express themselves fully.

The 10-carat white gold springs ensure a quick and precise key response, offering reliable and smooth action. These high-quality springs contribute to the instrument's responsiveness, allowing flutists to play with great precision and agility.

The SANKYO CF-501 Flute comes in a luxury case, providing optimal protection for the instrument during transport. Additionally, a carrying cover is included, allowing flutists to transport their instrument safely during their travels.

The SANKYO CF-501 Flute is the instrument of choice for professional flutists seeking unmatched sound quality, impeccable playing precision, and refined aesthetics. With its premium features and exceptional craftsmanship, this flute is a true gem for demanding musicians, enabling them to excel and shine on stage.