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The MURAMATSU DS ER flute, handcrafted, is an indispensable reference among music professionals. Its excellence makes it the top choice in its range. Exceptional sound and superior quality guaranteed.

The MURAMATSU DS flute embodies the epitome of musical excellence.

Handcrafted in Japan, it offers a sound of remarkable depth, thanks to its solid silver body and drawn tone holes.

Each note is played with astonishing ease, allowing for nuanced and dynamic musical expression.

The precise and responsive mechanism provides a pleasant touch and great accuracy during technical passages.

The DS flute stands out for its exceptional sound balance, harmoniously covering the entire range, from low to high.

The rich and precise harmonics enrich each performance, while the velvety and soft timbre adds a touch of refinement.

With its artisanal construction and impeccable finish, the MURAMATSU DS flute embodies superior quality.

It is the preferred choice of advanced students, passionate amateurs, and professionals seeking an exceptional instrument.

Whether you are looking for technical perfection, artistic expressiveness, or deep sound, the MURAMATSU DS flute will meet your most demanding expectations. It is a faithful musical companion, allowing you to explore the infinite horizons of music and reveal your full artistic potential.

Treat yourself to the pleasure of playing the MURAMATSU DS flute and discover the perfect harmony between Japanese artisanal tradition and musical innovation. Let yourself be carried away by its captivating sound and make your music resonate with unparalleled intensity.