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The MATEKI MO-51 flute, entirely crafted from solid silver 943‰, features a pointed arm mechanism and drawn tone holes, ensuring precise response and outstanding sound projection. A refined technical and artistic choice for discerning musicians.

The MATEKI MO-51 flute delivers an exceptional sound, with a full, rich, and round tone.

Made in Japan, it embodies artisanal and musical excellence.

This flute is entirely made of solid silver, from the body to the headjoint and keywork.

The use of solid silver contributes to the richness and depth of the sound, offering unparalleled expressiveness and sound quality.

The solid silver keywork ensures a precise response and great playing flexibility.

The adjusting screws allow for precise key adjustments, offering the musician optimal control over their instrument and tailoring the flute to their personal preferences.

The pointed arm mechanism of the MATEKI MO-51 is designed for swift and smooth action, facilitating technical passages and register shifts.

The precision of the mechanism ensures a reliable response with every articulation, allowing the musician to explore a wide range of musical expressions.

The MATEKI MO-51 flute is a favored choice among professional flutists and demanding enthusiasts. Its exceptional craftsmanship, combined with its impressive sound, makes it a preferred instrument for concerts, recordings, and high-level artistic performances.

Whether you are a music teacher, an artist seeking refinement, or a devotee dedicated to your instrument, the MATEKI MO-51 flute is a sure choice to reach new musical heights. Its unique combination of sound, precision, and quality makes it a loyal companion for all your musical endeavors.