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The ALTUS TS ER Flute features a high-performance Z headjoint that allows for enhanced control and precision in play. This instrument offers exceptional sound quality at a competitive price.

The ALTUS TS ER Flute is a high-quality technical instrument. With its 925‰ solid silver headjoint and body, along with silver plating on the body and mechanism, it delivers a stable and bright sound across all registers.

Crafted in Japan, this flute comes with pointed key arms, drawn tone holes, and a special soldering of the C# tone hole. Stainless steel springs ensure precise action, while the split E mechanism facilitates quick transitions.

The strengths of the ALTUS TS ER lie in its stable sound and bright tonal color, which shines brilliantly upon articulation. The Z-cut of the headjoint allows for better playing precision, offering increased control and expressiveness.

However, it's important to note that while the manufacturing quality of this flute is very good, it might fall behind renowned brands such as Muramatsu, Sankyo, Pearl, and Powell. Additionally, the sound can lean towards being clear depending on the musician's playing style.

The ALTUS TS ER Flute offers excellent value for money, with advanced technical features and a distinctive sound. It's particularly suitable for flutists looking for a high-performing instrument at an attractive price.