ALTUS A1307 RCE Flute

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The ALTUS A1307 RCE is the same model as the A1207, but with a composition of 958‰ silver. This flute offers an even richer sound and an exceptional finish for professional musicians.

The ALTUS A1307 ER is a premium flute designed for demanding professional musicians. Crafted with exceptional expertise, this flute provides a rich sound, powerful projection, and great artistic sensitivity.

  • Quality Construction : This flute is made in Japan with meticulous attention to detail. It is renowned for its superior manufacturing quality and excellent finish.
  • High-Quality Materials : The ALTUS A1307 ER is entirely made of solid 958‰ silver, giving it a deep and warm sound. The head, body, and mechanics are all made of solid silver to ensure optimal sound consistency.
  • S-Cut Mouthpiece: This flute features an S-Cut mouthpiece, promoting easy response and precise control. This design allows musicians to explore a wide range of musical expressions.
  • Precise Mechanics : The mechanics of the ALTUS A1307 ER are designed to provide smooth and precise action. The drawn tone holes and the special soldering of the C# tone hole ensure better sealing and a better note response. C foot.
  • Quality Springs : The stainless steel springs of this flute are known for their durability and quick response. They offer a light action and facilitate fast and virtuosic playing.

Advantages : Rich and deep sound, artistic sensitivity, exceptional finish.

Points to Consider : Financial investment, regular maintenance to preserve sound quality and longevity.

The ALTUS A1307 ER is an exceptional flute for professional musicians seeking a rich sound and great artistic sensitivity. Its solid silver construction, quality finish, and advanced technical features make it a top choice for high-level performances.