SANKYO CF 301 ER Silversonic Flute

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The SANKYO CF 301 Flute is an undisputed reference for its clear and lyrical sound. Its remarkable flexibility makes it a smooth flute to play. Identical to the CF201 model, with a headjoint and body in solid 925‰ silver.

The SANKYO CF301 Flute is the result of design and construction based on the CF201 and CF401 models.

This flute can reproduce a sound as clear and beautiful as these reference models, while offering a financial advantage due to the absence of solid silver mechanism.

Made in Japan with a consistent focus on quality, the CF301 has a tube thickness of 0.38 mm, thus providing precise tonal response and excellent sound projection.

This model benefits from the technical foundations of the CF401, a high-end flute from the brand. The mechanism is particularly refined, allowing for smooth playability and easy note transitions.

The CF301 also stands out for its meticulous construction and attention to detail. Each component is carefully assembled to ensure perfect harmony and excellent ergonomics, thus providing optimal comfort to the musician.

This flute is ideal for flutists looking for a professional-quality instrument at a more affordable price. Its clear and expressive sound, remarkable flexibility, and ease of emission make it a wise choice for demanding students and enthusiasts.

The CF301 embodies SANKYO's ongoing commitment to artisanal excellence and musician satisfaction. Every step of its production is rigorously controlled to guarantee impeccable quality and an exceptional musical experience.

By choosing the CF301, you opt for a reliable, high-performing, and affordable flute that will meet your expectations and accompany you on your musical journey with passion and confidence.