PEARL 795 RE Elegante Flute

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The PEARL 795 RE Elegante flute offers an exceptional musical experience due to its precise construction and advanced mechanism. Equipped with a solid silver head and a nickel-silver tube, it delivers a rich and expressive sound, ideal for demanding musicians.

The PEARL 795 RE Elegante flute is designed for ambitious flutists seeking an instrument that provides new playing sensations. Featuring a hand-mounted "concert" mechanism, this flute is crafted with a solid silver head and body, ensuring exceptional acoustic quality. It's perfect for advanced-level students and professional flutists wanting a high-quality instrument at an affordable price.

Handcrafted in Taiwan, the PEARL 795 RE Elegante flute exhibits precise intonation and a bright, projected sound. Its pinpoint mechanism offers excellent response and optimal playability. The hollow keys and concert mechanism ensure reliable and long-lasting mechanics.

The benefits of this flute include remarkable sound balance across its range, competitive pricing compared to other high-end models, and a sturdy, well-constructed mechanism.

However, some areas could be improved. While the mechanism is efficient, some flutists might find it slightly inferior to Japanese brands. Additionally, the flute could benefit from better overall sound projection, and some might feel its sound lacks a bit of breadth compared to its direct Japanese or American competitors.

The PEARL 795 RE Elegante flute offers an attractive combination of craftsmanship, pleasant sound, and affordability. It's perfectly suited for advanced flutists looking for a high-quality instrument to further their musical journey.