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Dive into the world of music with the MIYAZAWA MJ 101 ST Flute, specially designed for students and passionate music enthusiasts. With its exceptional sound and affordable price, it allows budding musicians to express themselves with confidence and joy.

The MIYAZAWA MJ 101 ST Flute is the culmination of many years of research and represents a significant milestone in the brand's history. Belonging to the range of student and intermediate flutes, it offers the same rigor and finesse as the instruments of the great Japanese master luthier.

Manufactured in Taiwan, the MJ 101 ST features open-hole keys, providing precise response and better sound projection. It is entirely made of solid silver, which gives an exceptional sound and great harmonic richness. Its silver-plated nickel silver keywork ensures increased durability and easy handling.

Among the advantages of the MJ 101 ST, we find Miyazawa's distinctive quality, even with manufacturing done in Taiwan. With a broad, powerful, and woody sound, it offers musicians a rewarding musical experience. This flute is ideal for students and enthusiasts looking for a high-quality instrument at an affordable price.

However, it should be noted that the MJ 101 ST is below the PB 202 model, which is equipped with a silver headjoint. Moreover, the mechanism of the MJ 101 ST flute is more delicate and fragile than the Miyazawa flutes made in Japan.

Despite these considerations, the MIYAZAWA MJ 101 ST transverse flute remains a solid choice for students and enthusiasts wishing to explore their musical passion with an instrument offering incredible sound and manufacturing quality that meets Miyazawa's high standards.