ALTUS 1007 RCE Flute

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Discover the ALTUS 1007 RCE Flute, a remarkable choice for discerning musicians. With its solid silver headjoint and body, it offers exceptional value for money and a stunning sound.

The ALTUS 1007 RCE model is a standout flute that combines quality and affordability. With its nickel silver mechanism and solid silver body, it delivers a rich and balanced sound at an affordable price. Crafted in Japan, this flute benefits from precise manufacturing and meticulous attention to detail.

The solid silver 925‰ headjoint and body give this flute a warm and expressive tone. The drawn tone holes and the special soldering of the C# tone hole ensure a smooth response and excellent intonation. Stainless steel springs ensure precise and lasting action.

The ALTUS 1007 RCE flute is tuned to 442Hz, offering compatibility with other instruments and musical ensembles. Its mechanical E facilitates fluid passages and transitions between registers.

With a broad spectrum of harmonics and easy response, this flute allows musicians to express themselves with precision and sensitivity across all scales. Its consistent playability across all registers makes it an ideal choice for enthusiasts and students looking to advance in their musical practice.

By choosing the ALTUS 1007 RCE flute, you benefit from a top-quality instrument, expertly crafted in Japan. Its exceptional value for money makes it a wise choice for demanding musicians seeking a reliable and expressive flute.