PEARL 665 RE flute

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The PEARL 665 RE flute is a benchmark among student flutes, featuring excellent construction and advanced technical features. Designed for budding musicians, it offers exceptional sound quality and optimal playability.

The PEARL 665 RE flute from the Quantz series combines advanced technical performance and construction quality.

Equipped with pointed key arms and One-Piece-Core-Bar technology, this flute also benefits from the patented Pearl Pinless mechanism without pins.

These unique mechanical features allow for better sealing quality, corrosion prevention, and ease of adjustment.

Made in Taiwan with a nickel-silver body, the flute is equipped with a solid silver head, hollow keys, pointed key arms, and an E mechanism.

Delivered with a case, case cover, cleaning rod, and maintenance essentials, it offers a complete experience.

The advantages of the PEARL 665 RE flute are numerous. It is perfectly suited for musicians with breath control, especially teenagers and adults. Its mechanism is reliable, durable, and ensures optimal playability. Moreover, it offers a fuller sound compared to models 525 and 505, with better resistance to avoid saturation in the high notes.

However, some points could be improved. The timbre of the PEARL 665 RE flute is still slightly closed due to its woody and velvety character, which may be preferred by some musicians. Compared to models such as the Cantabile or the YFL 382, it has a slightly different sound.

The PEARL 665 RE flute from the Quantz series is an ideal choice for musicians looking for a technically advanced and well-constructed flute, offering a full sound and optimal playability.