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The MIYAZAWA PB 202 RE flute delivers a rich and expressive sound, thanks to its solid silver headjoint and precise mechanism. It's perfect for discerning musicians seeking a quality flute.

MIYAZAWA flutes are the culmination of decades of research and passion for improving instrument quality. The PB-202 model features the Brögger system, previously reserved for high-end flutes, offering responsive and accurate action due to the absence of pins and balanced spring tensions.

This flute is equipped with a solid silver headjoint and hollow pads, ensuring a velvety, soft, and woody tone. Its concert mechanism, combined with the simplified Brögger system, provides exceptional playability. The benefits of the MIYAZAWA PB-202 RE flute include its impeccable craftsmanship and beautiful tone.

However, some musicians might notice a slight lack of projection and a somewhat muted sound compared to other high-end models. When compared to renowned flutes like Muramatsu's EX3 or Sankyo's CF201, the playability of the PB-202 RE might be slightly behind.

The MIYAZAWA PB-202 RE flute is designed with high-quality materials, such as a solid silver headjoint and a silver-plated nickel silver body. It's meticulously crafted in Japan, ensuring exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail.

The Brögger system is a major innovation in the flute mechanism field. It provides precise adjustments and optimal spring tension balance, allowing for responsive and accurate key action. Moreover, the simplified Brögger mechanism makes adjustments easier and offers better stability and durability.

The MIYAZAWA PB-202 RE flute is an ideal choice for advanced flutists looking for a high-quality instrument with superior playability and a rich tone. Its ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and provides optimal comfort during performance.