PEARL 525 RE Flute

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The PEARL 525 RE flute is an ideal choice for beginners, students, and enthusiasts. Featuring a solid silver lip plate and riser, it delivers a rich and nuanced tone, along with a precise and smooth response. Explore your musicality with this quality flute at an affordable price.

The PEARL 525 RE flute from the Quantz series combines precision and craftsmanship. With its pointed key arms and the One-Piece-Core-Bar technology, it offers an exceptional playing experience. Its Pearl Pinless mechanism, without pins, allows for optimal centering of the effort on the key pad, ensuring superior pad sealing, durable mechanism, and easy adjustment.

Crafted in Taiwan, this nickel silver flute features a headjoint with a solid silver lip plate and riser, providing a rich and expressive tone. The French-style open holes enhance the response and facilitate note production. The pointed key arms ensure precise and responsive action, while the split E mechanism facilitates quick passages.

Supplied with a protective case, case cover, cleaning rod, and maintenance essentials, this instrument is ready to be played upon receipt.

The benefits of the PEARL 525 RE flute are numerous. The presence of the solid silver lip plate and riser imparts a warm and expressive tone to the instrument. Its high-quality craftsmanship ensures exceptional durability and reliability. Moreover, the Quantz series stands out for its consistency in manufacturing, ensuring consistent quality from one instrument to another.

However, a few points could be improved. The flute's sound might lack projection, making it more suited for teenagers and adults. Additionally, the tone might be perceived as deep but slightly closed.