MELTON Seni F Tuba

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The MELTON Seni F Tuba is a specific model designed with meticulous attention. With its 6/4 size and 5 valves (4+1), it offers a rich and powerful sound. Perfectly suited for discerning musicians, it combines quality craftsmanship and exceptional performance.

The MELTON Seni F Tuba is an exceptional instrument made in Germany. With its imposing 6/4 size, it delivers great sound power and excellent projection. The 5 valves (4+1) allow for great playing flexibility and precise response in all registers.

Equipped with a bore of 0.728 inches (18.5 mm), this tuba offers perfect intonation and great ease of play. The trigger system on the 2nd valve slide provides additional comfort during fast chord transitions. The rose brass leadpipe contributes to a warm and rich sound.

The bell, measuring 14.96 inches (380 mm) in diameter, ensures excellent sound projection, while the 3B™ linkage system guarantees perfect operation of the joints. Made of high-quality yellow brass, the MELTON Seni F Tuba features a lacquered finish that gives it an elegant appearance and protects the instrument from scratches and oxidation.

With a height of 38.98 inches (99 cm), this tuba is perfectly balanced and offers optimal playing comfort. It comes with a protective case for easy transport and protection against impacts and weather.

The MELTON Seni F Tuba is the ideal instrument for professional musicians and soloists seeking powerful sound, great precision, and remarkable build quality. Whether for concerts, studio recordings, or ensemble performances, this tuba meets the highest demands. Its versatile character also makes it a wise choice for orchestra musicians.