CONN 34H Alto Trombone

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The CONN 34H is recognized as one of the finest alto trombones on the market. Featuring a non-wrap design, it offers exceptional sound quality and ease of play. It's ideal for solo performances and ensembles. A must-have for alto trombonists.

The CG CONN 34H alto trombone is a superb instrument that delivers exceptional performance, even without a full system. Made in the USA, it features a 7-inch (178 mm) diameter yellow brass bell and a dual bore of 0.491/0.500 inches (12.47/12.70 mm). Its yellow brass body gives it a velvety sound, and its clear lacquer finish adds a quality aesthetic touch.

This alto trombone stands out for its warm and velvety sound, harmoniously combining richness and power. Its sound breadth remains effective, offering great expressiveness and optimal sound projection. Each note is precise and full of character.

The construction of this instrument is of excellent quality, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. The materials used and the attention to detail reflect the craftsmanship of the CG CONN brand.

Thanks to its careful design and high-level technical features, this 34H alto trombone ranks among the best instruments in its category. Its rich and warm timbre, ease of play, and precise response make it an ideal choice for musicians wishing to express their full musicality.

Whether for concerts, studio recordings, or rehearsals, the CONN 34H offers a pleasant and satisfying playing experience. Its exceptional sound and solid construction make it a reliable and high-performing musical companion. With this alto trombone, musicians can express their talent with passion and creativity.