PEARL PFA 206 ES Alto flute

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The PEARL PFA 206 ES Alto Flute is an unparalleled choice for discerning musicians. Its exceptional price, coupled with its straight solid silver 925‰ headjoint, makes it a premium instrument accessible to all.

The PEARL PFA 206 ES alto flute is a remarkable instrument, meticulously crafted in Taiwan. Designed to meet the demands of the most exacting musicians, this flute combines quality, exceptional tonality, and reliability.

The straight solid silver headjoint is one of the major assets of the PEARL PFA 206 ES. Made from high-quality solid silver, this headjoint provides a rich, warm, and expressive tone. It allows musicians to produce subtle nuances and varied timbres, offering great artistic flexibility.

The pointed key arm mechanism is another important technical aspect of this alto flute. It ensures a quick and precise response of the keys, facilitating articulation and fluidity of play. Thanks to this reliable and responsive mechanism, musicians can approach technical passages with confidence and precision.

The body of the PEARL PFA 206 ES flute is made of silver-plated nickel silver, a durable and corrosion-resistant alloy. This material provides exceptional sound projection and balanced tonality across the entire range. The closed holes reinforce the instrument's stability, ensuring precise intonation and uniform response in all registers.

The offset G system is an additional advantage of the PEARL PFA 206 ES. It allows for a more ergonomic finger position, thus reducing fatigue during long playing sessions. This feature contributes to playing comfort and better technical control of the instrument.

The presence of an E mechanism adds extra versatility to the flute. It allows easier access to lower notes and facilitates the execution of complex melodic passages.