HAYNES 900 Serie RCI Flute

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Discover the HAYNES 900 Series Flute, an exceptional instrument for demanding students and enthusiasts. Solid silver head, body, keys, and springs deliver a rich sound and remarkable precision.

The HAYNES 900 Series Flute is a high-quality instrument for enthusiasts and students. Crafted in Taiwan and the USA, it boasts outstanding technical features.

The Solid Silver 925‰ head produces a rich sound, while the solid silver 925‰ body ensures optimal resonance. The solid silver 925‰ pointed key arms provide precise response, and the 10-carat white gold springs guarantee lasting action.

Equipped with a 14-carat gold riser, inline keys, and open holes, this flute combines performance and lightness. The C# trill key and B footjoint offer additional expressive possibilities.

The HAYNES 900 Series Flute delivers exceptional sound and a wide sound range, ideal for ambitious enthusiasts and students. However, its mechanism requires regular maintenance, and its aging capacity can vary.

The HAYNES 900 Series is an ideal choice for enthusiasts and students eager to advance with a superior quality instrument.