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The YAMAHA YCL SEV A A Clarinet is an ideal choice for professional musicians and advanced students. With its superior construction and rich, balanced tone, this clarinet is a sound investment for any clarinetist looking to enhance their performance.

The A Clarinet from the YAMAHA YCL SEV A series is a high-end professional instrument designed for discerning musicians in search of a rich and harmonious sound. Made in Japan and hand-assembled, it features a bore and tone holes with large interior millings, offering a generous and warm tonality.

The natural, unstained wood of the YAMAHA YCL SEV A clarinet is carefully selected for its sound quality, durability, and stability. The tone holes are drilled directly into the body for a more uniform sound, while the new barrel design provides a denser tonality and better projection.

The bell of the YAMAHA YCL SEV A is fitted with an internal resonance chamber, enhancing the richness of the sound and its projection. The silver-plated keywork, ligature, and mouthpiece cap offer an elegant finish that is resistant to wear.

The custom Ébonite mouthpiece, specific CL-4CM, for the YAMAHA YCL SEV A is designed to deliver a quick and accurate response, as well as a warm and expressive sound.

The tenons, reinforced with a metal ring, allow for increased resonance for an even richer and more harmonious sound.

In summary, the YAMAHA YCL SEV A is a superior quality professional clarinet, crafted to provide a rich and harmonious sound, as well as excellent projection. With its elegant finish and meticulous design, it represents an ideal choice for demanding musicians in search of a top-tier instrument.