B&S X-Line FBX Flugelhorn

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The B&S X-Line FBX Flugelhorn stands out with its remarkable craftsmanship, offering musicians a refined and technical experience. With its versatility and quality of construction, this flugelhorn is a must-have choice for jazz enthusiasts.

The B&S X-Line FBX Flugelhorn is an instrument of extreme versatility, allowing musicians to customize their playing experience with its 3 interchangeable leadpipes. Designed with excellence in mind, the FBX model features a bore size of 10.8 mm, promoting smooth and precise execution. Hand-hammered Monel pistons provide optimal resistance and exceptional resonance. Made in Germany with a yellow brass body and a 150 mm bell, this flugelhorn combines aesthetics and performance.

The B&S X-Line FBX Flugelhorn also distinguishes itself with its trigger system located on the 3rd piston, enabling precise note adjustments. It comes equipped with 2 water keys for easy and convenient maintenance. The instrument is delivered in a blue cotton-covered wooden case, offering optimal protection and secure transportation.

Its sound character is characterized by great uniformity, making it suitable for all styles of music. Inspired by the design of vintage Couesnon Monopole-style flugelhorns, the B&S X-Line FBX Flugelhorn delivers a round and warm tone.

However, it's worth noting that it may lack projection and volume compared to some competitors. It's important to highlight that saturation can occur with overly physical play, so it's recommended to prioritize a smoother playing style for the best performance.