SHIRES Chicago TBCH Bb/F Tenor Trombone

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The SHIRES TBCH Bb/F Tenor Trombone has been designed with the iconic dark and powerful sound of vintage trombones made in Chicago in mind. This instrument offers exceptional ease of play and superb sound amplitude. With its specific design, it meets the expectations of musicians looking for a powerful and expressive sound.

The SHIRES Chicago TBCH Bb/F Tenor Trombone is an exceptional instrument, designed and manufactured with meticulous care at the S.E. Shires factory in Massachusetts. It delivers a sound quality of incredible depth, complex and rich in character, offering musicians an unmatched sonic palette.

This trombone draws inspiration from the famous deep and full sound of vintage trombones made in Chicago. Its one-piece rose brass bell with a large TII taper produces a rich, broad, and complex sound, offering a wide range of tonal colors at different dynamics.

The lightweight nickel silver slide ensures clear and bright articulations, while the Shires Axial Flow Valve system guarantees immediate response and exceptional fluidity of mechanics. With incredible stability, this trombone offers optimal playability across a wide spectrum of range and dynamics.

It combines the best elements of old Chicago trombones with the consistency, playability, and projection that make the Chicago one of the favorite trombones of professionals worldwide.

The SHIRES Chicago TBCH Bb/F Tenor Trombone is fully customizable to meet the individual needs and preferences of musicians. Made in the USA with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to assembly details, it is a first-class instrument.

Delivered with a protective case and a Shires mouthpiece, this trombone is ready to be played in all registers with ease. Its magnificent sound and significant freedom of play make it one of the best choices for demanding professional musicians.

Please note that the lacquer of this instrument is quite delicate and requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty and finish.