SHIRES TR9R Piccolo Trumpet

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The SHIRES TR9R Piccolo Trumpet is a true phenomenon. Its versatility makes it a perfect choice for soloists, chamber musicians, orchestras, and large ensembles. With its phenomenal sound and exceptional precision, it pushes the boundaries of musical expression. An essential instrument for the most demanding musicians.

The SHIRES TR9R Piccolo Trumpet is the epitome of perfection for the most discerning musicians. With superior intonation, unmatched precision, quick response, and ease of play in the high register, this instrument also offers a rich and beautiful sound. Its agility allows for delicate solo and chamber music performances while projecting enough power to be heard in the largest ensembles.

S.E. Shires applies all its artisanal expertise in crafting bells for the piccolo trumpet, ensuring the same playing characteristics and sound richness as its Bb or C trumpet bells. The yellow brass baluster piston body adds stability and complexity to the instrument's sound, while the ergonomic placement of the fourth valve allows for comfortable play for both right-handed and left-handed musicians.

The SHIRES TR9R Piccolo Trumpet comes with four adjustable leadpipes, offering the ability to play in Bb or A with cornet or trumpet mouthpieces. Every detail of this instrument is carefully thought out and handcrafted with the finest materials, making each Piccolo Trumpet a true jewel of precision and beauty.

Musicians seeking excellence will find their satisfaction among the vast family of Custom Series trumpets offered by S.E. Shires, as each instrument is designed to meet the specific expectations and needs of every musician.

The SHIRES TR9R Piccolo Trumpet is the ultimate choice for those who seek to express their art with unparalleled clarity, power, and sonic beauty. Its musical impact leaves no one indifferent, making it a preferred instrument for the most accomplished musicians.