JUPITER JBR 730 Baritone Saxhorn

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The JUPITER JBR 730 Baritone Saxhorn offers a compact design ideal for children, while maintaining exceptional sound quality. A perfect choice for budding young musicians.

The JUPITER JBR 730 Baritone Saxhorn is an affordable student model, perfect for young musicians thanks to its compact size. Manufactured in Taiwan at the Jupiter factory, this instrument features a B♭ tuning with a bore size of 0.531 inches (13.5 mm). Its bell, made of lacquered yellow brass, measures 9.53 inches (242 mm) in diameter, and its body, also in lacquered yellow brass, ensures a beautiful sound projection.

The JBR 730 is equipped with a lacquered yellow brass leadpipe and three stainless steel pistons. The nickel silver outer slides ensure smooth movement. The instrument comes with a mouthpiece and accessories.

Thanks to its excellent ergonomics and child-friendly size, the JBR 730 is generally easy to play. Its finish has also been improved for a neat appearance.

However, it should be noted that the JBR 730's mechanics are designed for regular use, but may show limitations in intensive or professional use. It is recommended to consult a professional to assess the instrument's durability in such contexts.

The JUPITER JBR 730 is an affordable and suitable choice for young musicians. Its compact size, accurate tuning, and ease of play make it an ideal instrument for beginners and music students.