JUPITER JTR 700 Bb Trumpet

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The Bb JUPITER JTR 700 Trumpet is the ideal choice for beginners seeking a quality instrument at an affordable price. With its refined finish and consistently improving quality, this trumpet offers a solid musical experience. Its ergonomic design and ease of play make it an excellent instrument for budding musicians.

The Bb JUPITER JTR 700 Trumpet is a quality instrument manufactured by Jupiter in Taiwan, designed to provide musicians with an enjoyable and durable playing experience. With a 0.460 inch (11.68 mm) bore and a 4.84 inch (123 mm) bell in yellow brass or rose brass, this trumpet produces a warm and round tone.

The construction of the JUPITER JTR 700 is meticulous, using durable materials such as brass, nickel silver, and stainless steel. The stainless steel pistons ensure smooth and reliable action. The trumpet also features a ring on the 1st valve slide and an adjustable ring on the 3rd valve slide for easy adjustments.

The valve buttons have a pearlescent appearance, adding an aesthetic touch to the instrument. The mouthpiece and necessary accessories are included, along with a modern and practical Jupiter Light case for easy transport and protection of the trumpet.

The advantages of the JUPITER JTR 700 include its improved quality over the years, solid construction that inspires confidence, and its modern and functional case. However, it is important to note that this trumpet may require more physical effort, which can make playing challenging for young musicians. Additionally, the instrument's pleasant and warm tone may be slightly muted for younger players.

Regarding piston issues encountered in older series, it is advisable to inquire about the reliability of the new Jupiter series to ensure these issues have been resolved.