EASTMAN ETR 821 Bb Trumpet

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Dive into musical excellence with the EASTMAN ETR 821 Bb Trumpet. Perfectly suited for passionate enthusiasts, this near-professional trumpet offers exceptional sound quality and remarkable playability. With its Bach 37-style rose brass bell or lightweight variant, it will captivate musicians ready to step up to a higher level instrument.

The EASTMAN brand stands as a new essential reference within our catalog, owning prestigious manufacturers such as Haynes for flutes and S.E. Shires for brass instruments. Eastman is becoming a prominent Asian manufacturer of quality wind instruments. Each instrument in the range boasts an exceptional quality/price ratio, brilliantly combining remarkable performance and accessibility.

Eastman trumpets, crafted at Eastman Winds in Taiwan, reflect renowned expertise. Here are the technical specifications of these elite instruments:

A 0.460-inch (11.68 mm) bore promoting precise response and comfortable playability.

A yellow brass or rose brass bell of type 37, available in standard or lightweight weight, offering a nuanced sound palette and personalized playing experience.

Each bell, handcrafted using traditional methods, gains robustness, ensuring increased durability over time.

Monel pistons ensure smooth and reliable action, allowing for quick and precise note changes.

Yellow brass chambers, made of two pieces, ensure optimal sound projection, providing a balanced and rich harmonic sound.

Eastman trumpets are available with a lacquer or silver-plated finish, offering a polished aesthetic and increased resistance to external elements.

The bells are adorned with engravings, adding a touch of elegance to these exceptional instruments.

Each trumpet comes with a deluxe case, providing optimal protection during your travels.

The Eastman range presents undeniable advantages:

An extraordinary quality/price ratio, allowing you to acquire a high-level instrument without compromise.

Impeccable finish and build quality, ensuring solidity and longevity.

Pleasant playability, facilitating musical expression and offering an enjoyable playing experience.

It is worth noting, however, that the sound of Eastman trumpets, though remarkable for this range, does not yet rival that of professional instruments. They are more akin to excellent intermediate instruments, capable of captivating enthusiasts aiming to approach professional excellence.