K&M Stand Saxophone Alto Jazz 14330

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Discover the K&M Stand for Alto Jazz Saxophone 14330, a technical and sturdy support designed to ensure the stability of your instrument during musical performances. Made with precision and equipped with advanced technical features, this stand provides a safe and reliable support for your alto saxophone. Its high-quality construction and elegant design make it an ideal choice for demanding musicians. Enjoy a solid and durable support that will allow you to play with confidence during rehearsals, concerts, and recording sessions.

Discover the K&M Stand for Alto Jazz Saxophone 14330, a high-quality technical accessory made in Germany. This foldable stand is designed to offer optimal stability for your alto saxophone during musical performances.

The stand features a square profile made of aluminum, which gives it both strength and lightness. It can be easily folded and carried in the bell of your instrument, making it ideal for musicians on the go.

The included velvet case protects your saxophone from scratches and potential damage, ensuring its longevity. The height of the stand is adjustable to 310 mm, allowing you to customize it according to your preferences and the size of your saxophone.

With a weight of only 300 grams, this stand is easy to transport and set up, whether on stage, in the studio, or during rehearsals. Its elegant black color gives it a professional and discreet look.

The K&M Stand for Alto Jazz Saxophone 14330 is a reliable and durable choice for demanding musicians. It will keep your saxophone safe and within reach, allowing you to fully focus on your musical performance. Give your instrument the support it deserves with this superior quality stand.