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The SCHILKE A2 C Cornet is a remarkable instrument, both aesthetically appealing and exceptionally easy to play. With its high-quality design and powerful sound, it offers a rewarding musical experience for professional cornet players.

The SCHILKE A2 C Cornet is a true masterpiece. With its superior construction and elegant design, it is crafted to provide an exceptional playing experience. Whether performing bravura pieces such as "L'Histoire du Soldat" or exploring other demanding repertoires, this cornet will meet all expectations.

Made in the USA, the SCHILKE A2 C Cornet features a yellow brass bell with an ML taper No. 2. This unique combination provides a rich and warm sound with excellent projection. The 0.460-inch (11.68 mm) bore offers a quick and precise response, while the silver-plated finish adds a touch of elegance.

The advantages of this cornet are numerous. Its perfect tuning, impeccable finish, and exceptional intonation guarantee a flawless playing experience. Additionally, its remarkable ease of play makes every note smooth and enjoyable. The robust mechanics ensure exceptional durability, ideal for musicians who play regularly.

However, some users have noted that the SCHILKE A2 C Cornet may slightly lack sound projection in certain situations. It is worth noting that this can vary depending on playing style and individual preferences. Despite this slight drawback, this cornet remains an essential choice for musicians seeking a high-end instrument that offers exceptional sound quality and playability.