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The HAYNES Q2 Flute offers an exceptional playing experience with its original Haynes headjoint. Its rich tonality and remarkable playability make it an ideal choice for discerning musicians

The HAYNES Q2 Flute, with its hand-cut headjoint crafted in the Haynes workshops in the USA, combines quality and reputation. Its body and mechanism, manufactured in Taiwan, provide a precise finish comparable to Japanese flutes, requiring regular maintenance.

Boasting a round, dark, and woody tone, it easily produces pianissimos in the high registers. Optionally, the 14K gold riser adds additional richness and tonal balance.

This flute from the Q series benefits from the legendary reputation of the Haynes brand, offering top-tier quality at a competitive price. The hand-cut flute headjoint from Boston is simply wonderful.

However, despite its undeniable mechanical qualities, its aging capacity is slightly below that of major artisanal Japanese or American brands.

By choosing the HAYNES Q2 Flute, you're opting for the excellence and authenticity of a renowned brand, combined with a competitive price. Experience a unique sound and exceptional playability to express your full musical talent.