ALTUS 1000 Serie Alto Flute

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Discover the ALTUS AS1017E, AS1025E, AS1019E, AS1021E Alto Flute series, offering exceptional resonance in the lower register and remarkable sound balance. With their solid 925‰ silver headjoint and body, these flutes guarantee superior sound quality. Carefully crafted in Japan.

The ALTUS AS1017E, AS1025E, AS1019E, AS1021E transverse alto flute is a magnificent instrument offering exceptional resonance and remarkable sound characteristics. Made in Japan, it is designed with meticulous attention to detail.

Featuring a handmade headjoint and solid 925‰ silver tubes, this flute offers superior sound quality. Its quick response and uniform playability make it enjoyable to play in all registers. The intonation is excellent, and its solid artisanal craftsmanship is reflected in the richness of the sound and the articulation possibilities it offers.

The Altus Design mechanisms add to the playing comfort with their ergonomic design that reduces finger spacing. The drawn tone holes and the special soldering of the C# tone hole also contribute to better performance.

This alto flute has many advantages. Its sound regularity and superb balance make it an instrument of choice. The rich sonority and pronounced timbre compared to the 800 and 900 series give it a distinct personality.

However, it is important to note some aspects to improve. The projection can sometimes be too prominent, which can make the sound a bit too bright in the highs. Additionally, although the mechanism is well-finished, it is recommended to maintain it regularly to ensure its long-term durability.