JUPITER JBS 1100 Baritone Saxophone

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The JUPITER JBS 1100 Baritone Saxophone is a surprising instrument! With its fabulous projection and rich tone, it offers incredible qualities for the most demanding musicians. Discover its exceptional sound and play with great expressiveness.

The JUPITER JBS1100 Baritone Saxophone is a top-tier instrument that delivers exceptional performance for the most discerning musicians. With its full and rich sound across all registers, this saxophone is ideal for enthusiasts as well as students looking to elevate their practice.

The JBS1100 Baritone Saxophone boasts unique features that set it apart from other models. Its sturdy construction and extensive keywork adjustment options will satisfy even the most demanding musicians. Made in Taiwan, the saxophone is equipped with a naturally cooled "Sona Pure" neck, contributing to its powerful and rich sound.

The body of the JBS1100 Baritone Saxophone is made of lacquered brass, with keywork also in lacquered brass. It features a low A key and a low C#/Bb lever for smooth note transitions. The adjustable metal thumb rest ensures optimal comfort during play. Hardened steel springs provide quick and precise response, while adjustable left-hand high keys offer extensive playing flexibility.

PISONI pads with metal resonators guarantee perfect sealing for optimal sound projection. The octave rocker arm adjustment screws allow for fine-tuning of the playing height, while the phosphor-bronze flat springs ensure the instrument's longevity. The bell engraving adds an elegant touch, and the detachable peg allows for practical stage use.

The JBS1100 Baritone Saxophone comes with a mouthpiece, ligature, and mouthpiece cap for immediate use. The provided Jupiter Light case ensures optimal protection during transport.

In terms of benefits, the JBS1100 Baritone Saxophone offers excellent value for money with a sound that's surprisingly advanced at this price point. Its beautiful projection and dynamic tone are among its standout features.

However, it's worth noting that the finish might degrade over time, and the keywork is delicate, requiring regular maintenance for optimal use.

In conclusion, the JBS1100 Baritone Saxophone from Jupiter is a superior quality instrument that delivers exceptional performance for the most discerning musicians. With its powerful and rich sound, robust construction, and extensive adjustment options, it's ideal for meticulous enthusiasts and students looking to elevate their practice.