JUPITER JSS 1100 Soprano Saxophone

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The JUPITER JSS 1100 Soprano Saxophone, a semi-professional model, offers a unique sound thanks to its innovative neck. Designed for demanding musicians, it combines ergonomics and exceptional performance.

The JUPITER JSS 1100Q soprano saxophone is much more than just a musical instrument. It is a true technical and acoustic feat, specifically designed for high-end musicians in search of excellence.

The Jupiter brand, known for its quality student instruments, has taken a new step with this professional model. Indeed, the JSS 1100Q features a "Sona Pure" neck, which has undergone a unique cooling process during its manufacturing. This acoustic innovation gives it a dark and vintage sound, particularly appreciated by musicians looking for a distinct sound signature.

But that's not all. The ergonomics of this instrument are also remarkable. Jupiter craftsmen have paid particular attention to the design of this saxophone, offering meticulous ergonomics and exceptional performance. The adjustable octave keys, combined with the phosphor bronze flat springs, ensure flawless precision in the mechanics. This precision translates into impeccable intonation, making the JSS 1100Q a preferred choice for professional musicians.

Jupiter is a globally recognized brand of student instruments. Thanks to its skilled workers, trained to work on high-end models as well as more modest instruments, the company guarantees quality instruments regardless of budget. Choosing a Jupiter means opting for an instrument conceived, designed, manufactured, assembled, inspected, and adjusted by craftsmen with unparalleled expertise.

In conclusion, the JUPITER JSS 1100Q soprano saxophone is a true work of art, combining innovation, precision, and sound quality. It is intended for the most demanding musicians who want to get the best out of their instrument.