JUPITER JTU 1110 / JTU 582 L Bb Tuba

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Discover the JUPITER JTU 1110 / JTU 582 L Bb Tuba, a generous instrument with markedly improved manufacturing. JUPITER satisfies demanding amateurs with its remarkable performance.

Explore the JUPITER JTU 1110 / JTU 582 L Bb Tuba, a new series showing significant progress. Jupiter continues to impress with constant improvements. Featuring pleasant mechanics and finish, this instrument offers a strong value for money.

Manufactured in Taiwan, this 4/4 size tuba features a Bb key and a 0.732-inch (18.60 mm) bore. Its yellow brass bell, measuring 17.32 inches (440 mm), and yellow brass body contribute to a broad and full sound, with warm and round intonation.

The yellow brass leadpipe and four stainless steel pistons provide excellent playability. The nickel silver outer slides ensure smooth and precise action. Weighing 22.7 pounds (10.3 kg) and standing at 39.37 inches (100 cm) tall, this tuba is comfortable to handle.

The instrument comes with a mouthpiece and included accessories. The finish and mechanics have been enhanced, offering improved durability and quality. The thoughtfully designed wheeled case makes transporting and protecting the instrument easier.

Regarding the aging of the mechanics and finish, the JUPITER JTU 1110 / JTU 582 L tuba is designed to withstand intensive use and maintain its performance over time.

Its clear timbre, while not following current trends, offers a classic and versatile sound. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this tuba will meet your expectations in terms of sound, playability, and build quality.