JUPITER JAH 700 Alto Saxhorn

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The JUPITER JAH 700 alto saxhorn offers an affordable option for beginners and students. With its budget-friendly price, this instrument is ideal for starting to play without breaking the bank.

The JUPITER JAH 700 alto saxhorn is manufactured in Taiwan at the Jupiter factory, offering a tone in E-flat. With a bore of 0.433 inches and a yellow brass lacquered bell of 7.17 inches, this instrument presents a very decent finish.

The yellow brass leadpipe and stainless steel valves ensure a pleasant ergonomics and easy handling. The outer slides are made of nickel silver, offering appreciable resistance and durability.

This instrument is perfectly suited for beginners in brass bands, offering good value for money. Its honest finish and solid construction make it a reliable choice for budding musicians.

However, it should be noted that the sound of the JUPITER JAH 700 may be perceived as too bright and lacking in roundness. The sound projection can also be considered as ordinary, which may limit the impact of the instrument during performances. Additionally, the aging of the instrument can vary randomly, which may affect its long-term durability.

Despite these limitations, the JUPITER JAH 700 remains an interesting option for beginners wishing to start playing the alto saxhorn on a budget. Its user-friendly ergonomics and decent finish make it a solid choice for learning musicians.